If you are planning to apply for an IEC work permit in 2015 or already have an IEC work permit from 2014 you should start planning early if you think you will want to extend your stay in Canada on a permanent basis.

There are have been significant changes to Permanent Residence programs since January 2015 so its important that you follow these tips to give yourself the best options and the best chances of staying in Canada:

The first thing to do is get a job. To start with you may take any job going just to bring in some cash such as bar work, or care work but don’t get stuck in this for long. To be eligible for permanent residence you need to get a job that is recognised as a skilled occupation, so if you have a trade, profession and/or specialist training and experience set yourself the goal of getting one of these types of jobs with a good employer within 3 months.

Second, you need to find out if you will be eligible for a Permanent Residence program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) overhauled its programs in January 2015 and the eligibility criteria and processes are much more complex than before. Confirming which programs you are most likely to be eligible for early on will put you in front of the game and help you make informed and effective decisions.

Third, when you have got a suitable job and you have identified the Permanent Residence program you will apply under you can start to gather all the documents you will need to make a successful application. This will include language tests and educational credential evaluations which take time to organise so the sooner you start the more in control you will be.

And finally, make sure to keep yourself regularly up to date with any changes to the Immigration laws and regulations of Canada. They can change quickly and without notice which can have significant effects if are not aware of them.

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John Soden MBA, CMC, RCIC