With the new Express Entry stream expected to launch in January 2015, and the general mood of uncertainty as to whether the program will deliver the results it was intended for, many potential-newcomers to Canada are in a flurry of activity.


Many Canada-seekers are either working hard to submit their applications under the current ministerial instructions, or are getting their applications ready to submit once the latest Ministerial Instructions take effect, with new caps and designated occupations.


When the clock is ticking, it is imperative that you think through what you will need for your immigration application, and what will take the longest to obtain. With a maximum number of applicants, the caps will fill up fast and there is little room for error.


For those that will be making an application under the Express Entry stream, the same principles apply; that is, to have your application ready for submission as soon as possible.


Similar to what can be required for the Federal Skilled Worker stream, it is expected that the Express Entry will require an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report as part of your application (unless you are submitting Canadian credentials).


The amount of time it takes to obtain your ECA Report could have an impact on the timing of your application, so it is suggested that you apply for this now; it could be used now for the Federal Skilled Worker or the upcoming Express Stream. CIC will accept ECA Reports that are up to 5 years old, so having this Report available now could get you ahead of the game later on.


Currently CIC accepts ECA Reports from the following designated organizations:

There are a number of documents that you can work towards obtaining now will free up your time to work on other aspects of the immigration application (forms, etc.).


Amberley Smith, RCIC

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant