The changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) are now being felt by employers, recruiters and immigration professionals so the team at Red Seal Immigration has shared its early experience and impressions of using the program for high wage/high skill occupations.

Our Early experience of the program show that it is much more comprehensive than its predecessor, the LMO, and that it requires thought and attention to detail to put together a detailed and credible application that meets and where feasible, exceeds the LMIA criteria.  Below we have set out ten practical tips for doing just that:

Tip 1: Always remember it is about activities to recruit, retain and/or train Canadians and permanent residents so it is likely you are already doing quite a few activities that will qualify so don’t reinvent the wheel

Tip 2: Do more than just meet the minimum qualifying criteria. Service Canada expressly advises employers to use a variety of activities  in their plan

Tip 3: Use numbers to explain each activity and to show Service Canada how you have developed your plan. The plan must be measurable and failure to do this means it will be rejected

Tip 4: All activities cost money and take time and you should take every opportunity to demonstrate how much you are investing and over what period of time

Tip 5: Plans are future based so remember you need to make educated guesses based on past experience/others experience and reasonable expectations

Tip 6: Be prepared for a detailed telephone review of the application with a Service Canada officer (up to one and a half hours) and always be polite and friendly with the Service Canada officer.

Tip 7: Have a copy of the complete application ready to refer to. If you don’t understand what the Service Canada officer is asking for get them to put it in writing. Remember you can always refer to your licensed immigration consultant for guidance.

Tip 8: Make sure every advert meets all of the Service Canada requirements and don’t ask for qualifications and/or experience that are not required to do the job

Tip 9: Check your adverts regularly to make sure they remain live and accessible to applicants and record every response you receive and the actions you took

Tip 10: Employers should not fear the LMIA. The ten day processing is a major improvement which significantly reduces the timescales for recruiting international employees

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