While Canada is renowned for its multitude of outdoor activities, excellent health care, strong economy and all-in all a great place to live in, it is also known for its Temporary Foreign Worker Program which attracts thousands of skilled foreign workers from around the globe.

If a Canadian employer is considering hiring a foreign worker than it’s likely they are at the point where they need the worker in Canada as soon as possible. With thousands of international people actively seeking entry into the Canadian work force, you may want to give yourself a bit of a competitive edge by making sure you are an applicant that is readily prepared to apply for the work permit.

Work Permit applications can range anywhere up to 100 pages thick, with many different forms required and which vary depending on the country you live in,  so it’s a real time-saver if you are as ready as possible to apply which in turn can make you a very desirable job applicant.


  • Make sure your passport has a long validity period
  • Ensure your resume contains a detailed summary of the duties and responsibilities held, along with the months and years, and details of education
  • Apply for and obtain in advance police certificates from any country you have lived in for six months or longer since age 18, as you may need these when you apply for a work permit
  • Know your details! Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) will need to know your employment, address and travel history for the last 10 years (travel history alone can be complicated especially if you have travelled extensively)
  • Family history; CIC not only needs to know your details but typically they will want to know about your family. Make a list of your family member’s details such as their address and current occupation
  • Have copies readily available of all your education related documents including secondary school
  • Have copies available of detailed reference letters from current and past employers, and proof of past employment (paystubs, old contracts, etc.)

Importantly, be available! While you may be in another time-zone, make sure to check your email daily so you can respond right away to any questions and provide what is needed. CIC has specifications around documents and forms that are provided so progressive communication is key in putting your application together quickly. An incomplete application could be returned or refused, which could delay your ability to start your job as soon as possible.

As an employer or potential employee, don’t hesitate to contact Red Seal Immigration Ltd. for more information on what is needed for a work permit application to help the facilitate the process of applying of one.


Amberley Smith, RCIC

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant